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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ncaa and NFL Weekend Recap ~ Article

Week 2 NFL and Week 3 Ncaa Football recap of the weekend past!!

Incredible Sports Month of September

The rest of September for sports fans is arguably the best of any month we have. I know for me it is no different.

I host a weekly Radio show concerning Italian Football (Soccer) and there will be 3 episodes of that show which is called 'Tutto Calcio Italia'. Friday, Tuesday and Friday again. Midweek Fixtures in both SerieA SerieB makes for a long 11 day stretch of matches. 63 matches in 11 days overall. And that is just in Italy. 19 MLS matches, 10 NASL matches and Over 80 Ncaa Football and 29 NFL games over that time span!

I cover it all and the rain is going to smell like money!! You want your piece? Contact me and find out how easy it is!!

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

NCAA and NFL Weekend Recap ~ Article

Every Tuesday after the games are all done for NCAA and NFL football, I will give a recap and review of the weekend! Here is the 1st installment!